There has not been a fault which we haven’t been able to resolve. Where other engineers fail, Heat Tech Innovations prevails giving back customers hope in heating engineers. With over 15 years breakdown experience you can rest assured that your boiler or appliance can be fixed with us. We will always do what we can to economically fix and resolve your issue and not just turn around and tell you ‘You need a new boiler!’


If the fault is not economical to repair and will end up costing you more money, we will advise you of your best options. Saving you money and giving you the best efficient system is our goal.

Once we have diagnosed your fault we will let you know exactly what is needed, the next steps to take and costs involved. If you’re happy with the price that has been agreed, we will order the parts required to rectify the issue you’re having as quickly as possible.


So sit back, put your feet up and relax knowing that Heat Tech has your back.