A boiler service should be done annually to ensure that your boiler runs efficiently which will save you money and reduces the chance of unnecessary breakdowns.


Boiler service & Landlord Certification procedure

  • A visual inspection of the flue, seals and all moving parts is undertaken to make sure there are no signs of leaks, damage etc.
  • Burner cleaning (if required) and inspection.
  • All safety devices are fully checked to ensure that the boiler is safe and operating as they should.
  • Checking and adjustment of gas pressures and rates.
  • At Heat Tech we always do a full gas tightness test included in our boiler service, which means the entire integrity of your gas pipe work will be tested for leaks and will give you peace of mind as a result. Sleep easy with Heat Tech Innovations.
  • The boiler will be fully cleaned inside.
  • Inspection of the full flue condition and integrity.
  • Inspection for signs of sooting and incomplete combustion.
  • Checking of the overall integrity and condition of the appliance.
A Certificate will be produced at the end of the service with print outs for gas tightness test, flue analyser test, pressure results and all the boiler documentation signed for warranty procedure.
If you would like to book a boiler service, or if you have a boiler breakdown then please contact us on 07538 608026 or on our online from.